Some PUBLIC ART works: 

SEEKING ORDER:  (2016) A co-creation with Jim Phillips.  Three 8 foot Monoliths at Shasta College's Red Bluff Campus. 

"I love these sculptures they are so earthy and natural... Like a good place to go get grounded...."   -T. Clark Graves


POINTS OF DEPARTURE:  (2015)  Redding Library, Redding, CA

A co-creation with artist Jim Phillips. Three 12 foot monoliths. The central one is imbedded with Palul tiles. Below are a few tiles. Some are concave, some convex, and some are flat.  

INTERVIEW with Adam Mankoski - A very informative interview.

LIFE CYCLE OF THE SALMON:  (2011) Clear Creek George, Shasta County, CA
This work was created for the BLM and other local agencies, commemorating the re-establishment of the salmon spawning grounds on Clear Creek.  The tiles are imbedded a nine foot circle in the concrete floor of the information structure. The large central salmon is 42 inches long.

PYRAMIDS:  (2008) McConnell Gardens and Arboretum, Redding, CA
These two sculptures are located close to Turtle Bay's famous Sundial Bridge. Each pyramid stands over 7 feet tall and has approximately 250 high-fired ceramic tiles. (2008)