To obtain an E-Book Reader:

"I don't have an E-book reader. How can I get your book?"  A question a number of people have asked.

The simplest way is to order the book in PDF FORMAT. Most computers have a pdf reader. If you don't, you can download one FREE from It's a handy tool to read all manner of stuff. After you get the Adobe PDF reader, when you purchase a book you will be given a choice of formats (PDF, Kindle's mobi, epub, and a bunch more) in which to download the book. Select the PDF format of the book and download. You can then read the book on your computer at your leisure.

If you want a more deluxe reader, you can download Adobe Digital Editions (ADE). This is cool--and also FREE. I downloaded this app and it works great. If you get ADE, when you order the book request it to be sent in EPUB FORMAT

If you have a Kindle Reader order the book in MOBI FORMAT

Also, you are not restricted to downloading a single format. You can get the book in more than one format at no additional cost. Further, if a book is upgraded (changes made to the book such as a new chapter) you can get these also at no charge. 

E-books are changing the way we are reading. The price for a $25 printed book becomes a few dollars as an Ebook. Another great thing about Ebooks from an author's point of view is that errors such as typos can be immediately corrected and the book re-published--at no charge to the purchaser. Correcting a book already printed as a hardcover or a paperback is a slow and expensive process.