Student Comments

This gentleman is really good! Some of his pieces can be viewed at the Sundial bridge in the garden area. I took his ceramics course back in the days (four times to be exact). Amazing Raku pieces, if anyone is into ceramics or wants to get started/explore, Mr. Palul Paul Rideout is your guy!   -Anthony E.


I believe that art is a window to the soul and an outlet too often overlooked. I have seen many people benefit from having an arts education; seeing individuals utilizing these skills to express themselves gives me energy and passion about life. My mentor Paul "Palul" Rideout believed that teaching was the truest method for eternal life; to impart ones knowledge unto another and watch them grow was life's greatest gift. Palul has taught me a great deal about art and life and I wish to carry on that passion.   -Queen V. 


Thank you for your teaching. I have been so blessed by God to have learned from you.  You are a gift and answer to prayer for so many who want to learn and understand the art of ceramics.    -Imelda G

Private lessons  -  $50/hr - all phases of ceramics.

Contact Palul with what you want. (530-223-0776 – Leave message as he doesn’t usually answer calls until the caller is ID'd.  

Hours can be arranged with your schedule.