Who is Palul?

I am frequently asked how do you pronounce "Palul" and where does the name come from? As an artist is there some symbolic significance to it? 

Pronounce it Pa-loo or Pal-ool. 

My given name is Paul Rideout. I was 60 when the name Palul worked its way out into my consciousness. At my work as a lab information system manager, a job in which I had to send out lots of email messages, I kept mistyping Paul with an extra L in the middle − over and over – Palul, Palul, Palul. After a year of having to go back and remove the L, I decided, there’s more here than meets the eye. It seemed to be a directive force, perhaps from another dimension, so I kept the name. I like Palul much better than Paul. It is unique, a great name for an artist. There is no other great significance--certainly none that I know of yet. (Google Palul. I'll be right there at the top!)

For a short time I signed a number of pieces (probably no more than 30 or 40) with both Paul Rideout and Palul, so they actually are quite rare. Now I just sign them Palul. Much shorter, much easier!