I am now in my seventies. You can do a lot in seventy years. When I reach ninety, I'll have had another whole lifetime! What will it bring?

Science and art, the big divisions of academics, have been driving forces all my life. What a gift to have a foot in both worlds!  For years I traveled along life's paths sampling this and that with no particular goals or purpose other than new experiences. 

I was 30 when I first experienced the wonders of clay. I immediately realized that this was the connection between art and science that made me feel whole. (Well, almost whole. I still had issues with relationships, a more complicated subject if ever there was one. But I'm starting to get it. Probably it'll take another whole lifetime to get it near perfection.)

Being allotted one lifetime, the subject of TIME  and it's personal meaning becomes a consuming issue. How to get enough time to accomplish all the ideas that run through my mind? Now I remember: that's what another lifetime's for!

Conveniently, the Internet, the Great Octopus Time Saver, with all its wonders and aggravations, has provided another lifetime to express myself to anyone interested in hearing what I have to say. Thus the blog begins….